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Cooper’s Corner
Montessori International

Our role at Cooper’s Corner Montessori School is to provide a positive development of the child academically, physically, psychologically, and socially.

Licensed by NY State Office of Children and Family Services and Department of Education

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Extended hours available from 7AM - 6PM

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Daycare of highest quality, consistent
with the methods and principles
of Montessori education.

What others think of us

I had my son enrolled at Cooper’s Corner since he was an infant. He was enrolled in its day program and summer camp program through pre-k. He was a proud graduate of the program ready to conquer the world! The faculty and staff are devoted, committed, nurturing, attentive and loving to their students. As a household of two working parents, we were extremely grateful to have found a program that provided an exceptional and thriving environment for our son and the other students. I never had to worry about my son during the day and knew that he was well taken care of. Cooper’s Corner is a family. Experience was unforgettable and my son was more than ready for Kindergarten. We still keep in touch with the parents and students from Cooper’s Corner following graduation. The continued relationship amongst the students, parents and the teachers truly demonstrate the uniqueness of this program.