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A Typical Day

We are committed to excellence in educating the children in our care. Classrooms run smoothly through structured timetables and teacher-facilitated learning. A typical day includes meal time, circle time, arts & craft, songs, and exploratory learning. Students are then free to explore topics that capture their interest and imagination. Montessori education supports individually paced academic progress that meets or surpasses state curriculum standards.

Infant Program – 6 weeks and above

“Man builds himself through working with his hands.” – Dr. Maria Montessori The child’s first year is the year that the child is open to all possibilities. His mind is open to a million of connections. It is interesting to know that these are millions of dendrites that the child receives while in the mother’s womb. A dendrite is a free like extension at the beginning of a neuron that helps increase the surface area of the cell body. These tiny protrusions receive information from other neurons and transmit electrical stimulations. As you grow, the less you use, the more you lose, it is called pruning – it’s symphonized so the first years of the child’s development are very important for the foundations of learning. Are they going to be good about being independent or are they going to be dependent on an adult? Information from objects travels from the fingers and hands to the brain. Dr. Montessori demonstrated that when an infant felt and held things with his hands the information transmitted to his brain set a whole series of coordinated events. This learning process is deeply satisfying to infants. All objects in a prepared environment are potential learning tools, not just toys or diversion. Supported exploration of these objects enables infants to build concentration. The object permanence box captivates and builds their ability to concentrate as well as builds their hand/ eye coordination. Activities should encourage repetition and allow for some struggle and build inappropriate skill – many of these activities can be home made. When little interest is shown in the activity, the task is generally either too challenging or too easy. Objects made of natural materials or materials that mimic the natural – offer the richest opportunity for touch. These objects stimulate finger based exploration in hand to bring connection. Objects that are multi-dimensional will sustain repeated exploration and encourage learning, but also they build concentration.


Toddler Program - 18 months to 3 years

18 months to 3 years The first years of life are the most formative years. It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits. It is also a time period when the roots of learning are established. At Cooper’s Corner Montessori, children find an environment which provides the very best opportunity for individual growth and exploration. Areas of learning are defined, yet the space is open to provide plenty of room for the social interaction and movement required for growth and development. Age appropriate Montessori materials allow the child to follow their natural curiosity in a safe and nurturing environment. Areas of focus include language, motor skills, and social interaction.

Primary Program - Ages 3 to 4 years

Primary Program Ages 3 to 4 years Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the goal of education is to help each child reach his or her full potential. In a Montessori classroom, children cultivate their own desire to learn in an environment that is supportive and challenging. Grouping promotes a sense of family or community as well as providing role models for the younger children.The primary Montessori environment promotes the development of motor skills, a sense of order, concentration, and independence.The Montessori curriculum, under the direction of a special educator, allows the child to experience the joy of discovery and learning.

Kindergarten Program - Ages 4 to 6 years

Ages 4 to 6 years Dr. Maria Montessori reasoned that a child’s experiences could be enriched by a classroom where specially designed and beautiful materials demonstrate basic educational information. The multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting materials facilitate the learning of skills leading to abstract ideas. There is nothing a child cannot touch, for this is how they learn. Learning becomes an exciting opportunity rather than a chore to be completed. Studies come alive through a host of hands-on projects and activities. Individually chosen research plays an important role in tying together the areas of study. Students gather information through independent reading and library research, assemble reports and portfolios and give oral and written presentations which grow in sophistication and complexity over the years. Math materials are designed to be appealing and clear. They follow a series of sequential steps that enable a child to move from concrete to abstract. In language arts, great emphasis is placed on the development of strong skills in composition and creative writing. Language also includes the study of grammar (the function of words) and sentence analysis. The Montessori Science curriculum is focused on the study of life and the laws and structure of the universe. The Social Studies curriculum includes history, geography, and the cultures of the peoples and places of all countries.

 Preschool & Kindergarden 2.9 yrs and above: 11 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

 Infant & Toddler 6 weeks and above: 1115 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804

 Infant & Toddler Program 6 weeks and above: 200 Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

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